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Building Human Rights Communities: A Resource for Teaching and Learning Print
The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights began the development of this secondary educational resource in 2002. It is a unique and innovative human rights educational resource designed for Social Studies curricula at the high school levels.

The resource provides a unit of study that focuses on the connection between human rights and the quality of life of Canadians. It encourages students to understand and appreciate the relationship between human rights, citizenship and identity, and the importance of these concepts in meeting the needs of all Canadians in an equitable, just and democratic society. It is centered on developing student empowerment and inspiring students to identify and explore issues that are relevant to their own human rights challenges and experiences. It reflects a participatory and reciprocal learning process which enhances sharing, communication, respect, inclusiveness and empathy.

The final product is a result of ongoing consultations with educational experts, teachers and students, and a field review of the resource in 2003 in four Alberta schools: Harry Ainley High School, Edmonton; Strathcona High School, Edmonton; Vincent Massy Junior High School, Calgary; and, S. Bruce Smith Junior High, Edmonton. The resource has received overwhelming support from practitioners and students throughout its development and we strongly believe the resource has a valuable role to play in developing a strong human rights understanding and commitment within future Albertan, and Canadian, generations.

The resource is in its final draft stage and will be ready for printing in the summer of 2005.

Co-Sponsors: Impraxis Group Inc.; Alberta Teachers’ Association, Edmonton Public School Board

Funding Sponsors: Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada; Alberta Human Rights, Citizenship and Education Fund, Government of Alberta; Clifford E. Lee Foundation

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